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Yes! The brick-and-mortar is still the most hit modus operendi believe it or not. From launching big products like cars to technology goods

Press conferences work well in delivering the right message to the audience (media and other relevant stakeholders) working as a doorway to enter the world of products with existing competition.

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On ground events give the brands the opportunity to showcase their product and provide in-depth information and also give more clarity about the idea behind it and how it will work.


At Swatcat PR, we have the best of capabilities and are fully equipped to handle press conferences and ensure good media presence, and turn around the next day. We cover all regions and have presence in all markets possible. List provided here.


And it doesn’t end here, we believe the work is done when it is done well and the team ensures the post event work is handled strategically and diligently ensuring a good media visibility next morning to reach the masses.


In addition to the regular press conference requirements, we also cater to customized solutions and requirements as per request.


When a brand has some news to announce, the first step is to identify the main objective behind holding a press conference and set clear objectives that one needs to achieve from the activity.The planning stage involves a lot of brainstorming and clear demarcation of roles and responsibilities.


This is the most important aspect of the press conference, as the main idea behind an event is to get media mileage with coverage spread in top newspapers that reach the end consumer. One needs to carefully decide if there is a need of doing media interactions or open the floor for questions and answers during the press conferen.


The event day is crucial and chaotic with every individual doing best to deliver a successful event. A close coordination between the client and the agency team works as a boon to achieving best results be it informing about the delay in timing or any other small issue.

Follow ups

Once the press conference is over, the main work begins now! Yes. Whatever has been announced isn’t enough, it always needs to be followed up with a written material re-emphasising the announcement with minute details. This is to ensure and cover any gaps while media was grasping the information during the event. Need less to say one needs to keep a close eye on internet and newspapers to check the coverage day after.


Press Conference is an important tool that facilitates two-way communication allowing brands to provide journalists with important information that can form larger impactful stories than a press release and gives media the opportunity to ask questions and set up interviews with spokespersons.

It is even more crucial when launching a product which can be displayed and explained better with a face-to-face interaction and make the audience experience it firsthand.

They may sound very similar, but both the public relations tools are different and solve a purpose.

Press Conference is a formal gathering that a brand organises at one set venue usually a hotel/ banquet to formally launch/ announce something for the media and consumers. The setup is such that easily facilitates one to one communication among important stakeholders and also gives the opportunity to showcase products live and have an on-ground team to explain the benefits/ features depending on the nature of the product.

On the other hand, a press release is a great tool to do a mass announcement (multi city) on the same day that can contain quotes from spokespeople. Press Releases allow brands to disclose information in a controlled manner about something that is about to happen or has happened in the passed as well.

Press Conferences are planned well in advance with a lot of internal work of preparing the agenda, finalising speakers etc and a formal communication is sent via email/ whatsapp and calls with a media invitation citing the details of the event. Sometimes in case of big industry events, the announcement is also made through brands official websites and other social media handles.

A regular press conference lasts for about an hour generally. In case of a launch event or an event followed by panel discussions can take upto 2 hours as well. The duration entirely depends on the nature of the announcement/ activity.

Yes absolutely. No matter if a brand is new or established. Every one needs a platform to convey important developments and have a chance to communicate about it with people that matter. Even in this highly digital world where we can organise online events, etc a press conference has always had its own impacts and fruitful results.


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