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A successful and effective strategy is the steppingstone to ensure businesses, and brands foster a healthy relationship of trust and positivity between them and the consumers.

In today’s fast-paced world of social media and digital presence, reputation- damaging news can come from any source and can travel far to spread faster than ever before.

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Any business, irrespective of the scale of operations, can end up in a situation that can adversely affect its normal operations. A crisis could be anything from the office catching fire, to the death of an employee/ management, a phishing attack, a suicide attempt due to workplace culture, or a natural calamity that has repercussions to a company in the form of lost business leads, damage to its reputation, and a decrease in income.


Swatcat is a veteran in managing the reputation of big brands with its unique approach and creative thinking, helps brands grapple with critical situations and navigate through them smoothly with training and preparation.


Our services include putting together a roadmap / next steps for a company to expeditiously handle all types of crises through simulations and creating management practices for diminishing risks. Our team of experts does 24/7 tracking of relevant platforms and news mediums that serve to pre-empt crises before they take any form or shape.


That is the reason why crisis communications/ management is now a paramount function in public relations.


Identifying the potential of the brand and the crisis they are dealing with.


Create a strategic plan to manage the crisis that doesn’t affect business continuity.


Implement the planning and procedure to prevent a crisis.


Organize a post-crisis feedback program to create transparency between an organization and the public.


In short and simple words, it is a plan designed to help an organization when it is suddenly affected by a negative event. With the help of a crisis management plan, the Organisation can maintain business continuity despite a disruptive crisis.

The 4 Cs of crisis management are cooperation, containment, control, and cauterization. It is an effortless way to handle any crisis.

The ABC model of crisis management is one of the famous models by Jones’s Method, which spells A- achieving rapport, B- boiling the problem down to the basics, and C- coping.

Monitoring the crisis is important when managing response in real-time. It can be achieved through potential stakeholders such as media, suppliers, and customers.

This recovery phase is an important aspect of crisis management. It occurs after the crisis, where the goal is to bring the organization back to its position without any negative effects.


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