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Swatcat Communication, founded in the year 2011 by Amit Bishnoi, is the youngest PR Firm among its peers.

With humble beginnings to being one of the most reputed 360-degree marketing communications and Public Relations agency, we paved the path with labor of hard work by a team of curious and creative minds.


we exist?

To empower brands with authentic and result-driven ideas that not only connect with their consumers but also create an impact. With our unique approach, we are robust in problem-finding and providing customised solutions that work.

Ours is a team comprised of highly skilled individuals who are the heart and minds behind impactful relations and incremental thinking.

Our business is built on a few simple principles. In a world with a credibility gap, we believe public relations is a work of 80 % behavior and 20 % communications. Our ideology is to build sustained relationships with integrity, transparency, purpose, and fairness which are the foundation of a successful public relations programme.

Since our inception, At SwatCat, we approach all our projects with intrigue and curiosity. Our mission is to champion innovation in the PR industry.

We are based in Meerut and have worked with some of the most celebrated brands pan India.

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Successfully driving public relations in markets that matter and working with leading brands in India

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